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How to download this Software

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General Notes and Troubleshooting

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How to Download this Software

Download this software from one of the following sites:

This software is free.



Copyright /Public Domain Information

The Elberfelder SpeedBible has been placed in Public Domain on January 9th, 2004 by, who is the legal copyright holder.

To Jesus Christ be the glory, now and forever, Amen.

You may freely distribute this software, without restriction, and without any monetary payment to the author or any distributor of the software.

To provide protection to the distributors of this software, each copy you possess is licensed to you in accordance with our Licensing Agreement.


General Notes and Troubleshooting
Notes for First Time Users!

You must use Internet Explorer 4.0 or better to use this software effectively.

Netscape will not work.

To install, save the .chm file on your computer. Open the .chm file with your browser.

To un-install, delete the .chm file. There have been no updates to your registry.

Software Support

Limited software support for this free product, is available from through email at:



Questions and Support

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